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Years of Experience in the Trenchless Industry

With a combined 10+ years in the trenchless industry,  AccuLine Underground is your premiere contractor for all things trenchless. Offering auger boring, directional drilling, and guided boring services all across the United States, Acculine Underground is the answer to all of your underground construction needs.

Trenchless Services

Auger Boring

Trained in a variety of Auger Boring methods, AccuLine Underground has the knowledge and skill set to handle all of your pipe installation needs.

Directional Drilling

With Horizontal Directional Drilling on the rise, AccuLine Underground is more than capable of handling any jobs where a directional drilling method is necessary.

Guided Boring

Accuracy is key in this industry, thats why AccuLine Underground has extensive training with industry leading guided boring equipment to get your job done on time.


Our experienced team utilizes BMTA’s in order to have line and grade, spoil (cuttings) inflow, and face pressure control with large diameter casing installations.

Line of Sight Piloting

Horizontal Line of sight piloting is the utmost accurate piloting method today. Our trained and experienced team employs LOS pilots in high tolerance line and grade scenarios. 

Cradle Boring

Tried and tested throughout the years, Remote Cradle Boring is a necessary component to the auger boring industry. Extremely safe, this is a very viable option for tunneling projects today.

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What is Trenchless?

In simple terms, trenchless construction is tunneling underground as to avoid open cutting trenches above ground.

Why Trenchless?

The trenchless industry is important today for many reasons; One of the most important issues today for cities and municipalities is the disturbance of transportation  . Not only does trenchless construction lower costs, it also allows for roads and high ways to stay in use. This is because trenchless construction allows you to tunnel beneath transportation rather than open cutting a busy road or highway and closing it down.

Trenchless construction also has minimal effects on the environment when compared to its counterpart. This is due to the fact that we can simply tunnel underneath all wild habitats such as rivers, creeks and lakes.

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